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With CANTOR an exciting new era of realtime vocal synthesis begins right now
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The VirSyn CANTOR 2.0 is a software voice instrument synthesis program that enables users to enter lyrics in English, then hear the voice synthesizer ‘sing’ them by playing the melody on their MIDI keyboards. It can be used as a stand-alone program or with a host program.

Using a new vocal technology called a Vocal Simulation Engine (VOSE), the VirSyn CANTOR 2.0 program produces a range of virtually unlimited voice characters from robotic to expressive, almost realistic sounding, voices and features expressive solo, background and choir vocals. Included with the voice synthesizer are 50 ready to use natural and artificial voice characters. Expression with real time parameters for controlling vibrato rates and depths or changing the character from male to female voice, can be added. A ‘Time Model’ especially suited to male voices is featured and included in 35 new voices that come with the program. More than 20 ready to use voices are in German and American language pronunciation, with a 120,000-word English pronunciation dictionary, and a 100,000-word German pronunciation dictionary featured in the multitimbral voice synthesis.

The VirSyn CANTOR 2.0 vocal synthesizer features 8 independent vocal lines or parts, and has a built in sequencer with matrix editor, and a voice editor for simulating the vocal cord. There are individual modulations for each note and a MIDI import function for notes, lyrics, expression and pitch bend data. Where the program has a VST/Audio Unit/RTAS host, manual or automatic operation is available. Stereo and cross delay, and even echo effects, are also included.

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  • Good for animated voices too


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